Welcome to Lincolnix, home of Lincoln Nebraska's Linux User Group


Welcome to Lincolnix, Home to Lincoln, Nebraska's Linux User Group!

We are currently meeting weekly, on Wednesday evenings (7pm) at local venues (typically cafe's). Please select "meet-us" to find out where we will be meeting this week.

This site is always a work in progress. Plese feel free to explore and contact us:

info at lincolnix dot net
--Thanks for taking part in the Lincoln Laptop Library!--

As you may be able to guess, everything here is in progress. It always will be. None of our navigation links go anywhere at the moment so they're 'broken'. Please forgive our lack of information, we're working on it. Soon we will be providing an overview of the tools included on this system and how to use them. We will also provide some information on the GNU/Linux operating system, Libre Software, and how it has helped facilitate and inspire projects like the Lincoln Laptop Library. If you're curious about what all this Linux stuff is, there's a few links in the web browser's bookmark bar, in the window right above this page.